Get to know the new RM

Through Office Memorandum No. 130, Engr. Constancio Generalao Bana-ay Jr., who was previously assigned to the Office of the Deputy Administrator for Engineering and Operations, was reassigned as Acting Regional Manager vice Engr. Antonio C. Lara, on December 1, 2017. And so, began RIM Bana-ay’s sojourn as leadership in Region 2.

Engr. Bana-ay, fondly called by his nickname “Jun,” was born in Davao City on December 23, 1957. He is a permanent resident of Tandag City, Surigao. He is married to Normacita Urbiztondo Bana-ay, whom he met at NIA Region 13 and a former Institutional Development Officer there, and the union resulted to the birth of their children: Eunice, 29, and Julius Eduardo, 26. He likes seafood and shies away from meat, products high in uric acid, cholesterol, and calories.

He had only NIA as his employer since graduating from University of Mindanao. Sir Jun started as a Civil Engineer Aide II in 1979. He gradually rose from the ranks to becoming Principal Engineer C, erstwhile taking his Master of Public Service Management from St. Joseph School of Technology. With the promotion of Engr. C’zar M. Sulaik as Deputy Administrator in 2016, Sir Jun was appointed as his Technical Assistant.

During his first month as the RM, he was able to visit all the Irrigation Management and System Offices of the Regional Office, including the project sites. He supported the four-point agenda of Administrator and instituted reforms vital to the operation of the agency, such as the conduct of Executive Committee Meeting (EXECOM) and Managment Committee Meetings (MANCOM). Furthermore, he gave instructions to hasten the processing of all transactions, and limited processing of payment of goods and services to at least a week only.

He came at a time when Region 2 was beset  with operations and employee issues, coupled with the implementation of big ticket projects. With his frequent commute to Manila and numerous engagements, we greatly appreciated Sir Jun’s quick adjustment, his commitment, dedication and patience, even though it meant giving his health a backseat. His presence during meetings from start to finish, dissecting the nitty gritty details of each problem and sharing pieces of advice in a very cally and sometimes, comically, were a very welcome change. His generosity is as big as he is. Example, during the office Christmas Program, he raffled away appliances worth six digits, from his own pocket. He also endeared himself to the employees by giving them his time and full support.

“When I was informed that I will be assigned to Region 2, I told the Administrator ‘Sir, mukhang malayo.’  The distance I was referring to was not physical, but the distance between the employees and me. Pero hindi pala mahirap mahalin ang mga taga-Region 2,” he said in one of the MANCOMs, making several employees reach for their hankies and tissue papers.

We may have been apprehensive initially, but now with him at the helm, we could be assured that we, at Region 2, are in good hands.