NIA turns over completed projects in Sanchez Mira, Cagayan

NIA R2 – The operation of CIS is turned over to the IAs upon completion of the project, for they are responsible for the management and maintenance of the systems. Under the management of Regional Manager Raymundo B. Apil has recently turned over seven (7) completed projects in Sanchez Mira, Cagayan through the Cagayan Batanes Irrigation Management Office headed by Division Manager Gileu Michael O. Dimoloy.

NIA - Sr. Deputy Administrator Abraham B. Bagasin graced the occasion as guest of honor held on October 2, 2021, at Namuac, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan. In his speech, he thanked His Excellency President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for giving him the chance to serve the Filipino farmers.”Tulungan at pahalagahan natin ang ating mga magsasaka, dahil  sila ang dahilan kung bakit sa pagkain tayo ay sagana”.

He also urged the IAs to take good care of these projects for the benefit of future generations.

The seven (7) completed projects comprises:

1. CUSITEN CIS, located at Barangay Bangan Sanchez Mira, Cagayan. It has a Total Service Area of 186.20 hectares, and 59 Farmer beneficiaries.

In year 2019- the CIS was given two project allocations for system improvement. The 1st one has a 20 million project cost funded under Repair/Rehab of Existing Communal Irrigation System (RRECIS); the amount covered the 159 meters Protection works situated along the service road of Cusiten CIS.  The scope of work allotted 180 calendars days that started July 12, 2019, and the project was completed only for 51 days. This fantastic performance is credited to ASC Construction and Concrete Products.

The 2nd allocation amounting to 3 million was also from RRECIS 2019 that covers the construction of 665 meters CHB Lining at the Main Canal. This contract was undertaken by Hausland Construction. The project started on July 19, 2019 and completed on November 10, 2019- five days before the expiration of the contract.

2. CAPANICKIAN CIS, located at Centro 02 Sanchez Mira, Cagayan. It has a Firmed-Up Service Area (FUSA) of 53.30 hectares and fully operational with 67 farmer beneficiaries. 

In year 2019, the system was allocated 5Million from RRECIS fund for the construction of 982 meters CHB Canal Lining and terminal facilities along the main canal. The construction started December 27, 2019, and marked its completion on June 15, 2020 undertaken by JC Solidarity Construction.

3. NAMILAGAN CIS of Namuac, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan was also funded under RRECIS 2019 with JC Solidarity Construction as the contractor who assumed the dredging works, canalization, and canal structures with a total project cost of Php5 million. Namilagan CIS has a total service area of 122. 79 hectares consisting of 78 farmer beneficiaries. The project implementation started on August 15, 2019 and completed on October 15, 2020.

4. NAGKARSUAN CIS, located at Barangay Nagrangtayan, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan. It has a total service area of 72 hectares and 64 farmer beneficiaries. A project cost of Php15 million funded under RRECIS 2018- that covers the construction of 1-unit diversion dam, 0.50-kilometer access road, 1,495-kilometer CHB Canal Lining for Main canal and 0.619-kilometer CHB Canal lining at Lateral A. The specified scope of works was given a construction period of 300 calendar days that started May 28, 2018 and completed on December 20, 2019.  The contractor of the project is ASC Construction and Concrete Products.

5. PANGYAN SWIS was constructed with the same contract package with Nagkarsuan CIS- funded under RRECIS. It has also a total allocation of Php5 million, covering a service area of 41.32 hectares with 47 farmer beneficiaries. The scope of works comprises the repair and raising of embankment ogee at spillway.

6. PANGYAN CIS & BATTUGUIT CIS- were also funded under RRECIS 2019, the project consists of two packages. The package 1 is under Pangyan SWIS- with a total allocation of Php10 million consisting of the following scope of works- the construction of CHB Canal Lining of 1,238 meters at Lateral A, 851.50 meters at Lateral A2, 486.60 meters at Lateral B and 300 meters at Lateral C. A total of 2,876.10 meters length of CHB Canal lining.

The package 2 catered the improvement and rehabilitation needs of Pangyan & Battuguit CIS with a total allocation of Php20 million. Pangyan CIS- Scope of works comprises the construction of 1-unit combined head gate and 4,870 meters CHB Canal Lining.

7. Labbac SIP has a Total Project Cost of 10,000,000.00 that catered the Construction of Diversion Dam, Canalization Works, Canal Structures, Terminal Facilities and Access Road. It has a contract duration of 210 calendar days that started April 21, 2021 and will end on November 16, 2021. But fortunately, the project was completed on August 31, 2021- which is 77 days ahead of schedule.  Labbak SIP is expected to irrigate 30 hectares which will have its first operation this coming dry cropping season.

Messrs. Celso Guiang, Jerry Alviar, Jose Patacay, Richard Lacro, Richard Ilustrado, Juanito Rumpon (IA Presidents), expressed their gratitude to the National Irrigation Administration for these projects will contribute to the agricultural development of Sanchez Mira, Cagayan. “Malaki ang pasasalamat namin kay Bgen. Abraham B. Bagasin (Ret) sa mabilis na aksyon sa aming mga iniatang na resolusyon”, as they said.