Operation and Maintenance of NIS

NIA used to solely operate and maintain National Irrigation Systems (NIS). These are now operated and maintained jointly with Irrigators Associations. Operation and maintenance (O&M) activities comprise of, among others, operation of storage and diversion dams; running of pumps; operation of gates, turnouts and drainage ditches; preparation and implementation of cropping and irrigation schedules; maintenance of the physical facilities including service and access roads, and repairs on minor damages caused by floods and typhoons. 

As of December 2018, there are 25 NIS region wide with total service area of 177,069.67 hectares as of end 2018. 56.34% of the areas are served by reservoir-backed systems, 33.58% percent by run-of-the river diversion systems, and 10.08% by pump systems. The dominant crop in these reagion is palay.


On February 2, 2018 the RA No. 10969 known as the Free Irrigation Service Act was approved by the President.  An act providing free irrigation service, amending for the purpose RA No. 3601, as amended, appropriating funds therefor and for other purposes.  The free irrigation service act will cover all farmers with landholding of eight (8) hectares and below are exempted from paying Irrigation Service Fee (ISF) for water derived from National Irrigation Systems (NIS) and Communal Irrigation Systems (CIS) that were, or are to be, funded, contructed, maintained and administered by the NIA and other government agencies, including those that have been turned over the Irrigators Associations (IAs).